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HUGE Multicolor Paperweight Sculpture


Hi Everyone,
I have a very heavy, solid, and just HUGE paperweight that I would like some info on. I bought it within a lot of Scandinavian and Murano pieces, so I am unsure of what it really is. I thought I woul dget more information on the Paperweight section than the others. Here are some pics!

It measures about 5 1/4" tall x 5 1/4" wide, but it really depends where you measure.
Hope I can get a bit of help with this one.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Javier

I can give a tentative attribution

I think they are Murano and are called 'Polychrome Stones' or 'Sasso Policromo'

They are quite rare and experimental

Here are two from a 1950s (to 59) Murano book (no Copyright breech as it has not been republished)

The pictures are not so good (scans - the colours are actually much brighter) but show two  'Sasso Policromo' by Luciano Gaspari for Salviati & C - late 1950s - they are not described as being signed, sizes vary but are usually in the same ball park as your item


I am not saying they are the exact same company and designer as yours – it’s more to show that Murano factories made objects called 'Sasso Policromo' like yours c 1950s 60s. I have no pictures of other makers other than Salviati, but I am sure there were.

Adam P

Hi Adam P,
Thank you for the photos!
I havent seen those before. I do have 2 pieces by Gaspari, but they arent abstract pieces at all. One is a plate with fish inside, which I think was made along with Barbini and the other a large bird, both pieces being figural. I'll have to check on him for sure, specially if the 'Polychrome Stones' or 'Sasso Policromo' are rare pieces!

I also didnt want to just say it was Murano because it was in with a lot of Scandinavian and Murano combined. Mine is a bit different to your photos, so it might not be Gaspari... Do you guys think this topic should be moved to the general board? I guess its not really a paperweight and more of a sculpture.... If you guys think that is a better bet to get info on this, feel free to change it.
Thank again Adam!


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