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Juu-nin to-iro (article about glass from Japan)

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Della, Anne, Frank and Connie - my sincere thanks for your kind words.

I understand that Mike (Butchiedog) has developed an interest in glass made in Japan, too. I am looking forward to hearing more about his discoveries.



Thanks for the totally interesting article.

They really do make some beautiful glass, don't they


Hi Kasi - great to see you here  :lol:

Thanks for your kind comment, and yes, they certainly do make some amazing glass. I have to admit that when I started looking into the Japanese production I didn't know quite what to expect. But having delved into it, and scoured some of those websites, I was stunned to see the beauty of some of that glass being made now.


PS I love your sign-off comment. I took it as an instruction and dashed off to grab a chunk of chocolate right away. I'm feeling better already!  :lol:

Superb article Glen as ever and v helpful to non-carnival collectors too.

PS I think I might have a piece of Hoya but waiting for Ivo's return
PPs  I don't need to remind myself to eat chocolate  :roll:

Fab article Glen!  Oddly I was tempted to bid on an Edo Kiriko Japanese cut glass decorative cup this week.  I'm just not certain about Oriental glass yet though, and your article helped...thanks.   :D


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