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General glass gallery specialising in uranium glass


My Gallery has 18 galleries currently and is an ongoing reference project to which items will be added weekly, if possible.

The galleries are all crosslinked and searchable. If you spot any errors or can make an attribution, please let me know via the email link.

Current galleries are

* Uranium glass
* American
* Bar ware
* Blown, hand and factory
* British
* Carnival
* Cut, engraved and etched glass
* Czech/Bohemian
* French
* German
* Insulators
* Kitchenware
* Maltese
* Murano
* Paperweights
* Pressed glass
* Scandinavian
* Slumped glass

Now at 750 photographs and 20 albums
Jewellery and Polish are the latest albums

Now at nearly 1,200 photos and 23 albums. New albums for

* Bulb and acorn vases
* Figural glass
* Enamelled, painted and gilded

Almost 100 new photos added this month. Total almost to 1750.
Galleries now include
Bathroom and bedroom
Bottles, including perfume
Candle holders
Cast glass
Oddities and novelties
Marks and labels
Oil lamps
Vases and flower holders

Comments and corrections welcomed


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