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Author Topic: thoughts on a 'bristol blue' scent please.  (Read 830 times)

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thoughts on a 'bristol blue' scent please.
« on: March 01, 2011, 06:11:01 PM »
didn't start out to collect these things (only use them on Sundays ;)) - but found one or two 'deco' style pieces, and since they have such a small footprint now keep the odd example because I think they are wonderful examples of glass makers 'art'.       Don't have any books to help, and acquired this small 'bristol blue one today (93mm tall including the stopper).    The seller believed the date to be somewhere around 1820 ish - so I wonder if other people might agree/disagree.    Base has plenty of wear around the ground/concave pontil mark - and in the same way that the stopper has an acid etched stylized flower motif, each side panel has a feint etched border (probably not visible in my pics).   Very wide neck flange, with irregular ground top/opening.    I'm assuming a scent, but am open to suggestion of other use.    Grateful for any thoughts, and thanks for looking :)


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