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(Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... Part 1...

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Oh grief, where would I start?!  ::)  

OK, a small green themed display on the landing (now changed to something else!), an eclectic mix of wineglasses, bowls, and other bits and bats in the lounge, and a very small part of the trinket set collection in the bedroom (now migrated into my son's bedroom as he's away at uni!)

I'm trying to rearrange everything in the house to make space to put glass in displays / shelves etc.; trouble is, I need a bigger house!  :ooh:


--- Quote from: Anik R on March 05, 2011, 07:11:44 PM ---P.S.  I've also got a 'themed' glass display...  it's called "Make it mingle so that the husband doesn't notice it's a newly acquired piece".   ;D

--- End quote ---

... yep! ... that's the one I also do !  :24:

 :hiclp: :hiclp:            Love them !!!!!!

Keep them coming, as I am enjoying seeing the collections  :thup: 

I have rearranged a little.... except for the coffee table.....

First image...  
Top shelf... almost completely Welz... with a couple of small Loetz pieces and a couple of Kralik pieces.
Lower shelf...  mostly Kralik... with a couple of other pieces.

Second image.....
Top shelf... Kralik, with some Loetz, Rindskopf and a couple of others.
Lower shelf.... has some Bohemian/Czech glass with some odds and ends including some American, Belgian,  French, German and Italian "accessories"......

The coffee table.... Uranium Italian glass which will soon have the addition of the 4th image added to the "Family", and standing a stately 11.5 inches tall......

What fabulous collections you have between you.....mine is mostly animals, birds and Angels with some art deco thrown in.  

I intend to follow your lovely example Astrid, and start doing themed settings.....I have sort of,  but they are more 'grouped' than themed by the calendar.  
I will do an Easter one and show it the meantime, I remembered I did do an Angel display with the little lampwork Angels at Christmas,  Unfortunately it did not include the art glass Angels I also have.....maybe next Christmas.

so I will start my ball rolling by showing that....and then do some others as we go along.....


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