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(Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... Part 1...

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--- Quote from: glassobsessed on March 20, 2011, 10:03:03 PM ---That will be the one on the left in this photo:

It's a textured bottle from Mdina circa 1970, design is by Michael Harris. They come in amethyst too and in three shapes.


--- End quote ---

and here's mine! Thank you so much for your information, we've always loved it but had no idea what it was even though we have visited Mdina several times. :chky:

Paul S.:
no, no, they're not grasshoppers........glasshoppers please ;D
Fuji was immortalised by Hokusai the great C18 Japanese printmaker  -  so yes, your chest may well also stand a good chance of being from Japan, originally.   The art of lacquering was very skilled (and toxic) and apparently goes back as far as 9000 years bp (yes bp, never ever say ad or bc  -  very non academic)  -  and in view of its origins, was colloquially called 'japaning', in Europe.
You're probably right m, nigh on impossible to patch repair lacquer, even if you cud find the skilled labour  -  but no matter how sickly looking always love your piece. :)   I'm a great fan of these C19 pieces, and will swop you a lump of glass any day for the cabinet. ;)

Paul;forget Hokusai,it's one of Utamaro's beautiful Japanese ladies you want :o ;D

All that praise is making me blush, honestly... with a bit of luck I'll be able to finish my new Peill & Putzler display (on the other window sill) this weekend, so I can still add it to the thread!


That should be interesting, Astrid! I've got a small collection of shleiergraphit bits - but I find them impossible to display all together - it just ends up looking wishy-washy!

Ummmm, John.... re. the early big textured Mdina bottles - there are more than the 3 well-known basic shapes of tall square sectioned bottle, wide rectangular bottle and small square pot.

There are two heights of the tall square bottle, there are different neck finishes on them.
And I've got a few weird things - a shorter tall bottle with a slightly rectangular squareish cross section, and those much smaller bottles with the same texture as the very tall ones, in tortoiseshell and red and brown swirls.....


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