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(Themed) glass displays - show me yours, I'll show you mine... Part 1...

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I know Sue, I remember photographing hundreds of them..... ;D

With the early textured range there are the three basic shapes, sometimes with variations (like the necks) or like my amethyst bottle that is a bit skinnier than the blue one (but it is still essentially the same design with exactly the same texture pattern). The tortoiseshell and red variations you have I think are later and after Harris left Mdina so they are not contemporary with pl79's bottle, the smaller round textured vases likewise.


I'm not so sure, John!  We'll have to compare dimensions of the mid-height tall ones (I think perhaps they may be longer/shorter than the fully square  ones - certainly it looks as if bits of the moulds could be adapted????? anyway interesting to get actual measurements. :thup: )

I'm not so sure about my short ones being post-Harris either - he did design the Mdina Tortoiseshell pattern (sort of rowns and reds and stretchy splodgy), red/orangey glass was turned to streaky reds and browns using silver nitrate.
Certainly, these two I have are the only ones I've ever seen, they haven't been produced en masse, and they have the same texture as the big bottles.

I thought we thought that perhaps the moulds didn't actually stay at Mdina - you'd seen something from Mtarfa in that exact mould shape - and subsequent recent Mdina pws which have turned up with texture along the lines of the original do not actually match the original mould texture at all. But don't ask me, I'm all confuddled after just typing all that........ :pb:

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