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Mdina egg shaped object? ID = Confirmed Mdina

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Hello everyone,

I live in the Netherlands and just recently became interested in glass objects. For a short while ago i bought a decorated glass egg which i liked very much at first sight (perhaps a paperweight if so you can move it to the designated topic/thread). The problem is that i can't seem to find any information regarding this object. I can find lots of other objects but not any of this kind. Here are a couple of photo's:

Does anybody know when this was created, by who and so on...

Thanks in advance!


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Hoi Jeroen,
Here is a weblink for you, it is in English as I can't find one in Dutch for you.
It is a paperweight (presse-papier).
You can find the history of Mdina through the link above.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I myself have named the pictures presse-papier so i was just guessing, I have only found ball- and mushroomshaped paperweights made bij Mdina.

I had allready visited the site and couldn't find any information further than the history of the company :)



When could be anytime from the early 70's up to date.

As it says at that website
--- Quote ---John Borg (Production Manager) works closely with the company's 20-plus talented and valued craftsmen
--- End quote ---
I doubt that it's possible to identify which individual made your piece unless Sue has some ideas, but you could try an e-mail to the company.  

A lot of decorative / art glass from the Mdina glassworks is actively traded on you will find lots of examples there.
I don't remember seeing a paperweight like this one before.
How big is it ?

There are two egg shaped Mdina paperweights on this website;


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