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alabastro or opaline? and could it be a Seguso piece please? bowl pink & white

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flying free:
I'm a little confused.  I think this is opaline cased opaline glass.  However all I have managed to find that looks remotely similar seems to be called alabastro.  I thought they were two different things  :-\
This bowl is beautifully made, seems to be rosa opaline cased in off white (or maybe it's just white but has changed colour due to the making process and that it cases pink). And there does seem to be another colour opaline laid on or trailed all around the top curved edge of the bowl.  I don't think it is just where the opaline/alabastro becomes more see through or whatever - but open to education here ;D.  In daylight on the windowsill, the bowl glows bright pink with paler pink casing and a lilac trail round the rim - pretty gorgeous actually, better in daylight than lit in the evening.

So the closest I could come up with was it may be a Seguso piece.  I found one with a label but I can't match the label to Seguso.  It seems to be a generic import GH label to me.  
Help would be much appreciated as I only have general books and nothing specific to Murano glass which I believe it is.
Many thanks.  :sun:

flying free:
daylight pic

flying free:
ah, a little further on, the label I've seen looks remarkably similar to this one (see link below) - I think it's possibly the same one.  This one is on a Cenedese piece.  So, is this just a generic GHardy importer label? if not, does my bowl look like it could possibly be a Cenedese piece?
many thanks

The link you have given does not point to a label. For the correct URL of Glass Gallery items, use the link in the "File information" section below the image.

flying free:
oops, thanks  :)  it linked for me so I didn't realise
see link above.  But also I have found this label on other pieces so I think I've answered my own question possibly, in that it is a generic label.  Please feel free to correct me if otherwise anyone  :)  many thanks


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