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Can anyone recommend a good ref book for perfume bottles ?


My niece has started to collect perfume bottles - with a birthday coming up can anyone recommend a good general reference book for a beginner covering this area ?


Bernard C:
Marsh, Madelaine, Perfume Bottles — A Collector's Guide, Miller's / Octopus, 1999.

I bought mine for £5.99.   Not many pencilled note and corrections, but then I do not really deal in perfume bottles; only attributable British made examples, which are few and far between.   The text on the green Crown perfume bottle, the one with the registration lozenge, needs a bit of amendment.

Recently I saw some superb early bottles at a small village hall fair near Newark.   Two- and three-figure prices, but much less than the values in the book.

Do please stress to your niece that, in my opinion, silver topped bottles missing their original internal glass stoppers are a most unwise investment.

Bernard C.  8)

Thanks, will do - I saw the Millers book and was going to check it out - thanks for the recommendation.


I can't answer the question,
But I wanted to mention a small (but perfectly-formed) Museum of Perfume Bottles which is located in the Dutch town of Winkel, not far away from us in North Holland.

Maybe it's worth a visit when your collection gets going?


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