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my latest weights

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very chuffed at these , they were made by Joe Crisanti  in size's from 2"- 3" high and diffrent thickness, all lampworked jelly fish

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Very nice, Ray!  :shock:  :D  

I really wanted an Eickholt Jelly fish, but couldn't afford one when I saw them in L.A. in 2004     :(   Maybe if we get over to CA to visit this year ......  :roll:

Where did you get your Crisanti's?

got them off Joe him self, i emailed him and asked if he could make me some and a very good price, if you want his email i will send you it

Hi Ray and Leni

Back again ! I too can attest to the BRILLIANT jellyfish weights from Joe - the are amazingly good value for money and for certain the most realistic I have ever seen if you exclude Satava but I dont have that sort of money !

Incidently Leni if you e-mail Joe he will make one to your specification - height colour scheme etc.

He tends to use very thin padded envelopes for shipping so worth asking for an extra bit of bubble wrap around them.



I emailed Joe to ask for a weight and he just told me to look on ebay and find one I liked  :(

When I emailed again to say I liked a particular colour but would like it in a bigger size, he replied that I should just keep looking!  :?

However, I fell in love with one of his jellyfish pendants, so I ordered one of them instead!    :roll:  :wink:


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