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Murano Cat w/ Fish Limited Edition



Recently acquired beautiful crystal clear Murano Cat with Fish that is signed limited edition 203/750.
What is it worth on the open market?

flying free:
Hi, we don't often do values here, but someone may help out.  Otherwise I just wanted to say I love your cat and also having had one previously that I gave to my niece as a present, you can look up Formia and 'cat with fish' etc as search words and I'm sure something may come up to give you an idea of what it may be worth  :)

Thanks - I found a dealer in the UK that I got prices for & someone has another in the same lot for sale on eBay. The eBay price seemed super high to me.

Hi there. I'm searching madly for one of these for my Mum. Would you be interested in selling, or could you put me in touch with the UK dealer please?

Thx : )

Robbie -
My Murano "Cat" was sold several months ago; however, I "Googled" Murano Cat with fish in belly just now & found several pieces for sale on the various Internet sales venues. They ranged in size from about 4 inches tall to one similar to mine which was 11+ inches.

I did not keep the link or information for that British dealer but you may want to search for Murano Dealers in Great Britain.

Good luck in your quest !


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