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monart vase?

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hello glass people.
ive recently purchased this online as a piece of art glass.
i thought it was monart and still do im sure its a rare shape EF with blue green colour and bubbles.
i would really appreciate any opinions....its 9"h and has an applied base that has a polished pontil and polished out foot ring.thick and heavy.lovely if it isnt monart id love to know who it is.
happy hunting.

Hi and welcome  :hi:   
A clear image of the base and the pontil mark would help a lot, but it looks right to me - and it's not a ginger jar without a lid!

def not a ginger jar without a lid.thanks for the reply ive added a pic of the base finish.
ive just missed an early bottle with ysart stopper so if im right with this one it will ease my
cheers again.

Shape GF


--- Quote ---... ive just missed an early bottle with ysart stopper ...
--- End quote ---
Could you please expand on that. What is meant by "Ysart stopper"? What makes the bottle "early"? Is the bottle decorated with just colours or are there millefiori canes?


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