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Alfred Dunhill Glass & Silver Cocktail Shaker - ID = Stevens & Williams

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I have just purchased this Alfred Dunhill Glass & Silver Cocktail Shaker! Has anyone seen anything like this before?? The patent dates it to around 1926? Its cleaned up really well. On the silver top it states Alfred Dunhill. London. Paris. New York. & the patent number, but no hallmarks? it has tested as silver though. I'm interested in any info or if anyone else has seen another one in maybe a different colour?


nigel benson:

Patent, or registration number? Whichever, how about telling us, since it could help enormously. Thanks.

I'll try an early guess of S&W......well that's me committed........(probably the men in white coats are on their way already!!).


Hello Nigel

I have bought from your excellent ebay site i will undoubtedly bow to your superior knowledge!!

Ok....patent on the silver pat No 25782? unreadable last number

Rd No on the base of the glass 718885

& it states Alfred Dunhill Lndon Paris New York on the silver top!

Any help????


nigel benson:

Well, well, well, anybody who has been following another thread recently will now perhaps understand my concerns!! Scroll down....................,38731.0.html

Andrew I'm afraid you've unwittingly done something that illustrates my point in the other thread perfectly  :thup:


PS. Don't call me Wayne .........................................!!

You have lost me completely??

Are you suggesting ive used some one else's image??


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