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Caithness Glass: Loch, Heather & Peat


I'm delighted to announce the publication of my new book on Caithness Glass. The book comprises:
•  A specially written introduction covering the history of Caithness Glass from the inception of the idea in 1958 until 2008, and containing entirely new, as yet unpublished, information.
•  Compiled with the help of Domhnall ÓBroin’s daughter Emer, key figures in the company, and leading designers and glassmakers including Peter Holmes.
•  A detailed examination of co-founder and first designer Domhnall ÓBroin’s life, and his work at Caithness Glass.
•  Archive photographs showing the factory’s early days, and never seen before.
•  Over 200 specially commissioned full colour photographs by Graham Rae.
•  Photographs of rare and unique pieces from the collection of Emer ÓBroin.
•  A thorough examination of the company’s enormously successful, yet hitherto ignored, sandbasted designs, accompanied by a list of the names of sandblasters.
•  Clearly divided into chapters comprising ‘Clear Colour’, ‘Stripes & Mottles’, ‘Complex Decoration’ and ‘Cut, Engraved & Sandblasted’, allowing you to quickly and easily identify your Caithness glass.
•  Designers covered include Domhnall ÓBroin, Colin Terris, Paul Ysart, David Gulland, Denis Mann, Helen MacDonald, Alastair MacIntosh, Gordon Hendry, and Sarah Peterson.
•  Ranges covered include Stroma, Morven, Scaraben, Oban, Spinningdale, Adagio, Cadenza, Tartan Twist, and the later complex studio-type ranges of the 1990s and 2000s.
•  Information on the different colours, boxes and labels used by the company, and original advertisements and catalogue pages.
It costs £20 + P&P from my website,
I hope you enjoy it and find it useful, I'll be very interested in your comments!
Many thanks,

Hi Mark,  got your book the other day and like all your other books i enjoyed it a great deal and have already found it of great use. Henry


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