Author Topic: cameo (I think) paperweight - fish and seaweed iridescent finish. ID = Okra  (Read 2605 times)

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I have just been going through Charles Hajdamach 20th century British Glass and on pages 76and77 there are also references to Cameo vases done more recently (70's and 80's) which have been achieved with sandblasted decoration and called Cameo vases.  These particular pieces are two colour, so leave the raised design in a different colour to the background, but they are both described as Cameo glass.
There is also a long description of the sand blasting process on page 73 under 'Cameo Glass 1950-1990 heading. 
This bears out the point I think, that the term Cameo is descriptive of a raised relief design of one colour on another colour and that for it to be 'Cameo' does not mean it has to be hand carved.
I deduce from this that my paperweight, although not hand carved, is cameo glass.

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