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For Reference - Scandinavian Style Hooped Vase = Japanese!

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--- Quote from: Wayne on May 26, 2011, 06:52:06 PM ---Comes in a veriety of colours, usually with inner white casing:

--- End quote ---

There's a thread somewhere on the board that has one of these vases bearing a Hirschberg label. I've had one in red marked 'Foreign', which was common for post-war German produce... but it could easily apply to any of the 'losing' sides of WWII wanting to anonymously ship their wares to the old enemy.

Is this the one you mean Nic?,9149.msg77413.html#msg77413

Oh, that could be it - so not quite the same.

Pesky memory!

Came across another cased vase with white interior which turned out to be Japanese:

The seller was again nice enough to give permission to use their pics here:

Might not be the most exciting discovery the world has ever seen, but it's another ticked off the list!


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