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For Reference - Scandinavian Style Hooped Vase = Japanese!

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 :hiclp:  Thanks for the Good Work there Wayne, at keep us informed  :thup:

Cathy B:
That's fantastic! There's a thread discussing vases that seem to be influenced by the Nanny Still designed Rihiimaen "Pompadour" vases, but aren't. Are these the same vases as are being discussed there? It would be great to solve that one!

Edited to add: I'm not sure the vases in that thread are the same as these....

Hi Cathy.  The vase at the start of that thread is a genuine Riihimaen Pompadour, but the discussion brought up these vases for comparison.  I was tempted to put an update in that thread, but wasn't sure if I should, as the original post wasn't one of these vases.

Cathy B:
No, I believe the one in the link is not Pompadour - see Robert's post picturing all the Pompadour variations, and px's clarifications. It looks to be another maker again.

My apologies Cathy, you are right, I didn't read the thread fully.  I looked at px's post (reply #8) "The one referred to in this thread is prod.number 1945" and thought it apllied to the original item the thread was posted about.  I should have carried on reading.  :-[

Having another close look at the purple vase mentioned, and the green Japanese vase I found, the design looks to be identical, aside from the purple vase looks thinner (or taller).  I'll make a post in that thread and see what people think.


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