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But is it a paperweight?

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Lovely piece of kingsize lampwork but...

Is there a category for this?

It's paperweight lampwork!  Where else would you put it but in the paperweight category?  It's where I'd expect to find it!   :shock:  :roll:  :wink:

I'd be tempted if it had started a bit lower.

it's abit on the steep side

Nice piece of lampwork ... and yes, as it is a typical element included in paperweights, then I agree with Leni.

If it had been a "sculptural lampwork" item, such as the 3D pieces set on onyx base that Duncan Smith produced after the closure of Perthshire Paperweights, then some folk may have said it was more suited to the general Glass catgegory. But paperweights purists would probabely insist that it would be a "paperweight-related object". Which is what the lampwork flower is.

But is there actual evidence that this lampowrk flower was made by John Deacons himself? It may be so, but the eBay listing does not seem to offer confirmation. John has had many assitants over the years and in many of his weights the lampwork has been made by other people. Currently, John's lampworkers include Rosie Fleming, Duncan Smith and Willie Manson.


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