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David E:

Due to the rapid growth of the Chance glass side within, I decided to create a whole new web site purely to contain the research into this subject. The URL is now...

I think you'll find the site MUCH easier to navigate and the pages have been slimmed out more. It has also meant that the menu can now be far more specific, so each major topic has been split further (all Pressed glass styles into its own page, for example).

I have also discovered a new Hellenic pattern that's been posted.

EDITED: 22nd Feb 2006: Extensive update to list

I have started to seriously look at the possibility of cataloguing as much of the Fiestaware patterns and designs that Chance created. This could turn out to be something of a minefield (which probably explains why I think no-one has done it before!) but I'll see how it progresses.

EDIT: Now looking at Chance Pressed Glass (see separate topic) and Handkerchief Vases. Most patterns for Fiestaware is now positively identified, so rather than list them here, they can be viewed on the site

I am now looking to categorise all the 'mottoware' or dogs, cats, hunting scenes, et al. Examples of advertising and commercial products are also being looked at.

Your help is much appreciated — please advise on whether any photos posted are 'copyright' or 'copy-left'. I will also acknowledge all participants on the site.

David, well done on taking on such a challenge. I have some Chance which I'm happy for you to use pics of if they are of use. The ones in my gallery are not very good and are awaiting rephotographing, so when they're available please feel free to use if they are of interest. (Copyleft is fine with me).

Are you cataloguing just the designs or are you trying to determine which patterns went onto what shapes? The latter would involve a lot more work of course, but would be extremely interesting.

You mention the flatware and the carafes, did you know that the same patterns also went onto drinking glasses (you probably do know but I'll ask anyway, just in case!).  I recently found a brandy balloon with the Calypto pattern so I bought it for reference (all of 30p in a charity shop!!!). I have also seen on eBay some taller long drink glasses but I can't remember the exact details - I think they were also Calypto.

David E:
Hi Anne,

Probably a poison chalice, but I'll see how it goes :wink:

Presently I am only interested in the designs (Lace, Swirl, etc.) as taking on which patterns went onto which shapes would prove staggering — I'd be the sad bloke on the end of a rope...

I was aware of the drinking vessels but hadn't seen a brandy balloon - feel free to post! The Giraffe carafe is simply a design icon and will always be welcome on my site! Perhaps I could categorise just drinking vessels as I believe they only came in Swirl and Calypto? Some time, but hold fire on that for the mo.

Don't worry about photographic excellence: the main thing is if the pattern is clear. The ones I'm just about to post are a bit grim as I'm doing it for speed. I'll clean them up/take better ones, later.

I'm currently getting together all my Chance patterns but don't have any of the floralware (apart from one hybrid) as it's not my scene at all, but if someone has these I'll be glad to include them.

The patterns aren't clear at all on mine David, so they do need redoing. I'll try and get them done later - am a tad busy this weekend with a couple of things so it may be a few days before they get done - then again I may do them as a break from this batch of work later!  :lol:  I've a couple of other bits (not Chance) to photograph and ask about as well.

The brandy glass is here though:
and there's one Calypto tray there already which is visible (not brilliant - but will replace asap).

David E:
Anne: Photographing this glass isn't easy due to flash reflections, but you could try indirect lighting, like a fluorescent tube and turning the flash off. If the colour cast is wrong I can always correct this, but blurring is tricky!

Thanks for the brandy glass: I've included it on my site if that's OK.

To All: I've now updated to include variations that I already have, including some I don't know the name for. The Night Sky plate is not my property, unfortunately!


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