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Murano Red & White glass ashtray.

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Murano red & white glass ashtray for sale on ebay.

Lovely for sure - but I thought these were from Japan?

Really ? I've seen others that are identical listed as Murano & not just on ebay. I'll withdraw it immediately.

These coloured glass items with white streaks are often descrbed as 'Alrose', though I don't know whether Alrose was a maker or an importer/ retailer - in fact I've never seen an Alrose label at all come to think of it.....

Similar wares do turn up with 'Made in Italy' stickers, but these tend to either have optic ribbing or are in more typical Empoli 'Genie bottle' shapes. The Italian labelled examples I've seen to date also have usually had narrower and more evenly spaced white streaks. The ashtrays and some of the smaller vases in the style but with broader single white streaks are most probably from Japan as Ivo has suggested (or possibly elsewhere in the Far-East; certainly my parents-in-law bought a set of glasses and other small items in this style in Shanghai in the early 1980s).

Caroline, thank you for taking the listing off so quickly. I see these bowls listed as Italian, Czech, and Scandinavian online. I've seen some solid colors of this form that have the Japan label. I have tried to track down the company today -- I could find it if I weren't looking.  :)


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