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ID ??????? ID = Caithness "Noughts & Crosses" (CIIG)

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Roger H:
      Murano I believe??? Has a polished base. Diameter 2.4 inches. Regards Roger.

Not Murano, Scottish judging from the canes. Looks like a variation of a Caithness "Noughts and Crosses" altho I have never seen one like this.

Other will know more.


I agree - looks like a version of 'Noughts and Crosses'.


Roger H:
      Well when I bought it I thought perhaps it reminded me of the noughts and crosses as you suggest although I had only a top view. The cross cane looked too good for murano or chinese, more like the perthshire development of it but take a look at the base and it is a low profile at 1.2 inches.

Is the cross in the LH cane a Maltese cross?  If so, was this used in Scottish weights?  I know very little (ie, nothing!) about paperweights, but am intending to learn.....


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