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Tony H:

I have been reading your 1st book Magic and Mystery again!! and on page 193 there is a photo of a vase named by the authors as Rose and Drape.

Have a look at this little vase 4.25 inch high in black satin glass. I bought this as it had a label on and the patern looked vaguely familiar, the label reads Beverley Crystal Poland , I feel sure these two vase's are the same patern, what do you think, have you seen this label?

I have placed two photo in my Carnival glass album

Tony H in NZ

Cathy B:
Great find, Tony! Did I read somewhere on the Woodlands site that Beverly Crystal were also responsible for the Cupid and Diana the Huntress intaglio dishes (do you know the ones)? I think I remember reading that, but my browser is not opening the woodlands site today, for some reason.

Tony H:
Hi Cathy
Thank you for your reply, yes I do know, I have a none carnival Diana and some others I must put the in an album to see if anyone can ID them.

Tony H in Nz

Tony, Cathy - I have much that I want to write here, but I don't have the time right now. I've been out all day and am pressed for time at the moment. I will quickly mention, however, that I have written about Beverley Crystal in our Carnival books.

More to follow....


Tony - fascinating! Thank you for showing us this lovely vase and the label. You asked if it is the same as the "Rose and Drape" in "Magic & Mystery". It does look very similar: obviously it is smaller, and this may make the proportions different. The panels and the pattern band appear to be identical. The main difference (apart for the colour, of course) is the shaping of the top edge, done by the ring. On our marigold example, the edge is very crisp and unusually shaped into scallops, each having three tightly defined, angled flutes.

The Beverley Crystal label is intriguing. We have noted in all three of our books about Made in Poland stickers on various Golden designs (eg the Golden Cupid). In our most recent book ("The Art.....etc") we referred to a Beverley Crystal Made in Poland sticker. I've tried to locate/find out more about Beverley Crystal for a few years now (and drawn blanks) - and my current feeling is that they are/were an agent or importer/exporter. Possibly even specifically for the Australasian market.

I am fairly confident that Carnival Glass was made in Poland. In fact I am absolutely certain that at least two of the Golden designs (Golden Carp and Golden Lobster) have also been made in Poland in very recent times as well (like last year). Beyond that I can't say with certainty at the moment, but I am working on it!



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