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Hi there

I have just started collecting glass and particularly like Hoglund Glassware but haven't  found any info on it. Can anyone help at all please?

Thanks :)

here is a look at my own collection of  8) Höglund glass.
all date from the fifties and sixties. As for information, I do not think you'll find books on his works yet - the closest being three pages in Bill Geary's book "Scandinavian Glass - Creative Energies".

"20th Century Factory Glass" has most of a page when he was at Boda.

A trawl through Google also flagged up this document: PDFs/PDFs/swanson%20book/AA.ASI-Exhibits.doc.pdf

It appears that an Erik Hoglund exhibition was documented in the American Swedish Institute Posten - May 1999 (bottom of last page of the above pdf).

I've never tried to get back copies, but I'd be interested in hearing the result if you give it a go.

:lol: Hi,
Erik's son Ola has a glass studio in Nelson NZ.
They have galleries spread over NZ.

Erik Hoglund was one of the great innovators in Swedish glass. I was fortunate to meet this man and talk with him on many occasions. He had various illnesses which would have destroyed an ordinary man but he continued to create in glass and paint in his later years. Never heard him complain about anything. Always a positive attitude about life.
There are several books out about him but they are in
His daughter Erika Hoglund is a designer at Mäleräs
Glass Works in Sweden where she has applied a new technique to cast glass. Very popular in the United


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