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Weekend windfall

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What a great weekend for booty buys, seven items including a Holmegaard decanter, a nice Mdina vase, two scandi vases, probably Aseda and 3 unknowns. Total outlay £22.50. :D
Please take a look, not entirely happy with the rose bowl quality though.

Hi lyndhurst44,
That really was a great weekend, and some great finds.
Your blue bowl looks incredibly like one that tigerchips has, mentioned in this thread;,3168.0.html

Oops :oops:  To fast on the trigger. Here are the others.
That's better, I really do get over excited sometimes :roll:
The pink psychedelic vase has a raised pontil just like Isle of Wight's bullet. The blue bowl is another enigma. Scandanavian :?:
Thanks for your help.
Bryn (not Brian)

Hi Della,
No tag I'm afraid, the bowl measures  10.5" x 7.75" would that be similar to yours?
Bryn (not Brian)

Hi Bryn,
Sorry, the bowl is not mine. Is is Tigerchips'. Hopefully he will come along and give you some measurements.


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