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My first piece of, 'That orange stuff' ID = Inwald, 'Loop de Loop'

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Forgive the title Glen, it is easier than making a bad guess from the choices of Marigold colours seen on your site. :roll:

Just over 9" wide and just under 7" high.

I have visited Glens site and can't find one like this (or maybe I am blind!).

Any information would be gratefully accepted.

:oops:  :oops:
I must have been blind :!:
I have just seen the pattern, Joseph Inwald's Loop de Loop.

It's catching, I'm already up to my second piece!! :shock: Have you tried looking on

Just seen your post and my guess was Europe not US

Della, it is magnificent. Absolutely magnificent. My congratulations. It is indeed Josef Inwald's "Loop de Loop" (original Inwald name "Brilliant Medallions").

However, sadly it appears I am now superfluous.............


Della - many thanks again for showing us this fabulous item.

Christine - I don't believe Dave Doty's website would help in this case at all. The only article and ID of this pattern is, I believe, on my website (the attribution of the pattern was done by me). If you do happen to find it written up anywhere else, then it's most likely it will be copied from my original.



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