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Hi everyone, just wondering if info can be shared on the Flamingo series by Flygsfors? We have just purchased two vases (different shapes) and are hoping to add more to the collection... but there doesn't seem to be much info out there about this series.


Can't help much, other than to say I first saw them popping up on Ebay in 2004.

This was also sold on Ebay Germany as LH 1144, the Flygsfors one made more !

friend of mine has a 50 year rule, things pop up about 50 years after they were made, this would be about right, so expect more and they'll find their right price bracket.



The main designer at Flygsfors in the 1950s was Paul Kedelv (1949-1956)

As you will probably know he designed the 'Coquille' range - this was so popular that it continued to be made with the etched marks for years after, I have bowls from the range dated into the 1960s.

So where does this put the 'Flamingo' range - with etched marks of 1960 to bases it was obviously made at the same time as 'Coquille' - however working on the basis that I have never seen a piece of 'Flamingo' dated within the time period Kedelv worked at Flygsfors, I don't think it was designed by him.

Wiktor Berndt (1955-1974) was the main designer at Flygsfors after Kedelv - he is well known for his 'Primitive' series but could well be the man we are looking for reference design of the 'Flamingo' range, I believe he designed his socks of at Flygsfors and was there for a longer period than Kedelv.

Also there is a similarity in some of the 'Flamingo' designs to 'Coquille' this would make sense as the range was conceived perhaps only a year or two after Kedelv left and it would have been a transitional period.

These are just my ideas - can anyone with the following books give more information or recommend a book with extensive info on Flygsfors for this collector.

Scandinavian Glass 1930-2000: Fire & Sea
Leslie Pina & Lorenzo Vigier

Scandinavian Glass: Creative Energies  
by William L. Geary

Scandinavian Glass, 1930-2000: Smoke & Ice
Leslie A. Pina, Lorenzo Vigier

20th Century Factory Glass
by Lesley Jackson

I note that Flygsfors Flamingo is hot stuff on eBay and in auction rooms at the moment - with so little known about how extensive the range was and how long it ran for prices seem high (that rush of blood to the head) but set to go a lot higher - it is very beautiful after all.

Adam P

Hi guys, thanks for the info. Much more than I've been able to research on the net! :)

There doesn't seem to be much colour similarity between the pieces... and given that it's called Flamingo, there isn't much pink either *lol*

Wonder why this series is so poorly documented? Coquille for example is incredibly popular (although not my cup of tea!)

ps. Adam, I note you listed down Leslie Pina's new Fire & Sea book... have you seen the book in the flesh so to speak?


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