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Quick question, did Tapio..........

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.......... make fruit in the style of Ditchfield and just sign "Tapio"? I have seen an apple and a pear today like this and wondered if he did any glass like this when he worked at Venini in the late 70's early 80's.

haven't got a picture as I didn't buy them :D , just wondered in case I should have!


Never ever come across anything signed just Tapio. Almost all of his Venini work was initialed TW along with Venini and frequently a date year.
Some of his designs were also produced without an attribution.

He didn't do fruit  then Paul? Have found this stand in an antique centre with alot of signed "studio" glass, from the 1980's and 1990's but I haven't heard of them ( not unusual for me though :shock: ) so I thought I would ask first rather than rush in as is my usual approach.

Some nice bits but after the Chism, I think it was who signed EVERYTHING, I am very wary of the stuff.

Miller St. '91 was on another piece, but haven't heard of them either :?


Hi Barbara

Looking through 'Designlasin hintakirja' and I don't see any fruit shapes by Wirkkala - Paul is right about his work at Venini although he did design a couple of birds for them in 1966.

My Designlasin is new and pretty extensive so these fruit would be in there (IMHO) if Wirkkala designed them - he is just so well known and documented.

Adam P

I've been right through the Catalogue Raisonne covering 1921 to 1986 and drawn a blank so I would say 99% wrong for them.


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