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New discoveries from Brockwitz, Rindskopf, Inwald & Walther


Recent discoveries of patterns and / or shapes not seen before in Carnival Glass, from:


All linked from my home page - articles just written and posted!


Hi Glen,

I normally try to find an ID for a piece of glass, put a sticker on it and give it a home.

Since joining this board, I have read every one of the articles you have posted a link to and enjoyed all of them.
Yesterday I read all of your site, it took a while, but the children were at school and I thought that I would educate myself a little with your passion and try to comprehend the excitement that you conveyed when I posted my 'find.'
After visiting your site, I spent a few hours trawling the Internet, with regard to my Inwald stemmed compote. You wouldn't believe how many Carnival Glass sites I visited.
I know you know, and now I know too. Yours is the only site with photo's, patterns, and information regarding Inwalds "Brilliant Medallions" aka Loop de Loop. (and other pieces and designs too.)
I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you and your OH for your thorough research which has made it possible for me to indentify a piece within a few minutes, a piece which up until two days ago was only a diagram.

From the bottom of my heart Glen Thank you!

Della - thank you.



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