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Cameo type art glass with petroglyph carving - need help



do you know anything about this vase?
Looks like a Cameo style vase. Heavy and thick glass.
The bottom is polished.
I can surely say that it is old.
But don't know how old.

And something that looks like a signature? Or not?

It is magnificent.  If the figures are raised then it is probably acid etched which is unusual for Studio Art... if incised possibly a different method but hard to tell from pics.
I would date it stylewise to 1980s and would start harassing gallery owners to find the maker. Also possible it is someone like Steuben or even Daum. But then it should be marked and that is no signature.

Definitely not Stueben work...  Actually looks like it could have been cast. One off studio piece possibly.....

What is the interior of the piece like? Smooth? Rough? Textured? 

Not a signature in my opinion, but the bottom texture also makes me think cast and not cut back.

Very interesting piece....


Why the 80's? Lascaux was opened to the public in the late 40's and immediately starting influencing artists. I'm not saying it's earlier, I'm just trying to understand what would mark this as 80's.


Shape of the piece and the crudity of execution. I would expect better execution for earlier.


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