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Hi all, I just got this piece in the mail. It has a nice lable that says Konstglas Vetlanda, so easy to look up. Wrong! Help, I can't find anything  except sites in Swedish.

I am showing it with a black background, that seems to show up the white stripes better. It is ten and half inches tall, the base a perfect ground and polished pontil. No marks, but there is a small lable that says made in Sweden.
I have looked in all my Scandinavian books to no avail. Anyone have any info, Thanks in advance Terry

Bill G:
Vetlanda is a commune in the western part of Smaland. Lindshamma
Glass Works is located in this commune.

I know of no other glass works or glass studio here.
Bill Geary


second item down (corrected on their live site) - their description suggests they might know something about this factory.

Also the wikopedia reference for Vetlanda (I know it's not definitive !), suggests that the Ekenäs glass factory was close by (I think).


Thanks Bill and Taylog, I now have somewhere to start. Terry


--- Quote ---.....but at least Glaset SWEDEN and Vetlanda  konstglas has made similar ones, not sure who made this
--- End quote ---

If there is no record of a glass maker who produced under the name "Vetlanda" then it is likely to be a retail label.  
The mention of "glaset Sweden" in the quote suggests their knowledge of the field is a bit shaky:  "glaset" being 'its glass', the previous word must have been omitted!


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