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Joe Cristani paperweight pendant

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Here's a picture of the jellyfish pendant I just bought from Joe Cristani.
I was going to get one of his jellyfish paperweights, but I fell in love with this - and it takes up less room, too!   :D

It is beautiful Leni.  :lol:

:shock:  I want one!  It's super!  :D  :D

Go for it! :D  He's got a lot on ebay at the moment, including lots of pretty hearts for Valentines day!   :roll:  :wink:

BTW, wait 'til you see my Valentines day present!  Will post it here as soon as it arrives - yes, it's a paperweight  :wink:

Leni, I tried to have a look, but came up with nothing on the Joe Cristani name...what does he trade under?  :?


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