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Thanks for having a look!

Hi.  Was Sie hier:

haben ist (vermutlich) ein ziemlich seltene Harrtil Stueck von Harrachov.  Solche Teile haben eine hohe Nachfrage und verlangen immer ziemlich viel Geld - also niche verschenken.

Hi Paul
Thanks for your thought, but I´m rather convinced it´s not a Harttil Merletto. The top rim only has
a matte polishing and the quality in general´s not quite right for a Harrachov piece.  :)


I was going to suggest the same thing. The key is if the netting is three strands by three strands, which I think it is. A couple of my Harrtil pieces have rough rims. Whether they were made by another factory using the Harrtil netting, or whether the  piece was broken and then repaired not very well, I don't know. But I'd bet your piece would qualify as Harrtil.

Here's a piece of Harrtil that's well below the quality of some of the other pieces. It seems to apply so some of the clear pieces more.


Thanks, David! I´ve taken a few close-ups, which show the mesh, the top rim and base.
Personally I still think it´s something different. The top rim, though with a matte finish, seems
original. It´s very even, you can just spot or feel the end of the ball-shaped mould and it´s
got a fine and small bevel to the inside rim...  :huh:
To me it feels like factory production, although I must admit I simply don´t know enough
about the technique to understand wether that is possible or not.
I´m beginning to feel, this might have become an interesting thread in the glass section.
Would it seem improper to ask, if one of our dear moderators could split the discussion part
and open a new thread? It seems not only the future owner might find it entertaining...  :)

edit: I´ve also added a picture of the whole piece...


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