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Author Topic: Puzzling inscription on Percival Vickers EPNS stand  (Read 857 times)

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Puzzling inscription on Percival Vickers EPNS stand
« on: January 28, 2006, 08:46:24 AM »
I have recently acquired what I call a lampshade vase in an EPNS stand. This unusual item is by Percival Vickers of Manchester, well-known pattern Rd No 168130 of 13 March 1891 (see Thompson, p46). It is from a lampshade mould, but instead of cupping the rim and then flaring it to provide a collar for the three-screw fixing of a lamp, it has been left straight and embellished by cut oval windows. The pointed end at the base has also been cut, with a simple star. The vase is supported by a rod and ball EPNS stand that looks like a giant Hamilton or egg-ended bottle stand.

Under the upper ring of the stand is a punched inscription in a flowing script. It is difficult to read and impossible to photograph as it has been punched into a rod, not a flat surface, so most of the letters are missing their tops and bottoms.    This is unusual, as it is the first time I have seen any mark other than a pattern number on any example of Manchester glass associated metalwork.

The inscription reads "Electro Plated ???? Nickel Silver 10735". Each word, including "????", was from a single punch, but the pattern number was punched using individual number punches. I have checked my two reference guides, Mappin, 1999 (British EPNS marks), and Matheau-Raven, 1997 (Sheffield Electroplated marks), to no avail - there is nothing resembling this mark, although both books only list marks that assist in attribution.

So, what possibilities are there for "????"? It is a short word or abbreviation, probably of four letters, and looks something like "C/m/", "Clml", or "Gml".    I cannot make it fit one obvious possibility "hardsoldered" in any way, so it must be something else.    Another possibility is an abbreviation for either "German metal" or "German silver", but I have never seen this name for nickel silver used in addition to "nickel silver".

Any ideas would be gratefully welcomed.   Also does anyone know of a silver / silver plate equivalent to this glass message board?

Bernard C.  8)
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Puzzling inscription on Percival Vickers EPNS stand
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2006, 09:32:14 PM »
Bernard, incredibly well described, but can we also see a photo please?
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