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Glassmaker William Brown - were did he came from?

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My name is Karl-Heinz Cegla from Norway.

I try to find out more about the glassmaker family Brun (also called Brunn, Bronne, Braun) They were travelling around in Europe. 1740 Nicolaus Brun (Brunn/Bronne) and his family worked at a glasfactory in Ilmenau (Germany). Brun (Norwegian, French) = Brown (English)= Braun (German)

Later on about 1745 they moved on to Norway and worked at Nöstetangen glashytte and Aas grönne glashytte. I do not know if this family originally came from Netherland, France or Germany. 

Around 1755 several glassworkers with English names came to Nöstetangen glashytte in Norway. I read about names like James Keith, Thomas Lochland, William Fagnell, Joseph Pyne, Thomas Sims, James Swinger, Joseph Thomson and a WILLIAM BROWN. I do not know if there is any connection between my Brun-family and the Brown-family in England. If you have any information about the glassmaker William Brown please let me know.

If you know about any other  “glassmakerforum” with persons who exchange information about glass history or  a person who is working with the immigration of glassworkers to England please let me know.

Best regards from Norway

Karl-Heinz Cegla

David E:
Hello Karl-Heinz and welcome to the GMB.

I did look through the book Glassmakers of Stourbridge & Dudley 1612-2002, by Jason Ellis, but there is not mention of Brown (or any other derivative you suggest). This rules out the main centre of Stourbridge as a likely place, although the book is about the main protagonists (managers, owners, highly-skilled craftsman, etc) so if this William Brown was just a glass worker he would not feature. Another book is Old English Glass Houses by Francis Buckley but unfortunately there is no index to search.

Sadly, Brown is quite a common surname (as it is elsewhere on the continent) so it may prove rather difficult to get a positive lead and any lead may prove rather tenuous. William has also been a popular first name for many centuries and will continue to be so with our future King just getting married!

Hello David,
thank you for looking through the book "Glassmakers of Stourbridge & Dudley 1612-2002". Now i know that William Stourbridge is not the right area. I will collect your information. I think William Brown came from the Newcastle/Liverpool area because some of the other names i mentioned came from this area.
If you know any person from this area who is working with glasshistory please let me know.

Best to you

Karl-Heinz from Norway

Try Broadfield House they have a very good index.I surprised no-one pointed you in that direction!!

Thank you John :)
Best from Norway



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