Author Topic: Definitive price guide available for Murano glass?  (Read 1524 times)

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Definitive price guide available for Murano glass?
« on: January 28, 2006, 11:01:51 PM »
Hi all,
Ive just started a collection and Ive bought lots of pieces on ebay but I feel as though Im buying from the heart and not the head. Obviously the best way is to buy something you like that is under the odds but I have no benchmark to go by.
Can anyone suggest a website which has some sort of price guide for Murano glass?
Pieces that interest me are basic, solid color / sommerso vases /bowls/ashtrays. 1950 - 1970s
If theres not a website, which book would be the most appropriate because Im not interested in ornaments and dolphins and jewelery etc... ?


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