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Large Canadian Glass Bowl - ID needed for Label

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Clear glass cased in amber glass with four pronged foot - 20" long, 8" wide and 8" high this is a huge piece of heavy glass

Now label is in good condition and the whole piece looks 60s or 70s - I get "Handcrafted in Canada" and the paint brush logo but the main script of maker is difficult to see Giolanni? what ever its looks Italian

Any Canadian collectors out thre can help

Thanks Adam

Chalet glass maybe?

I think it is generically Chalet - but I was wanting to know which branch as it were - that name in script looks Italian of origin

Thanks Adam

The label will read Giovanni.... Although looks like Chalet Artistic glass and Lorraine Industries not much is know about the label some say made by chalet with Giovanni boutique label some say it is a Canadian company which duplicated Chalet Artistic Glass....nothing positively comfirmed on this sticker as of yet. Dar

Love it!!  Super when it has the label on it!!  A +++++

Here is some reading for you this article it says * Click HERE  
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""When searching for Chalet Glass, you’ll find other similar looking Canadian made examples that are either unmarked or have labels for companies such as Lorraine, Giovanni, and Chantili. These pieces are no less important than Chalet, and should not be overlooked. (Actually, Chantili was not a manufacturer but a Montreal distributor whose glassware was made primarily by Chalet. Chantili pieces have a sandblasted mark done in the Chalet style.) The importance of all these pieces will increase once researchers begin to document and publish the history and products of these companies.""
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