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Help to ID Kookaburra Bowl with makers mark please! - ID = STS Abel, Yugoslavia

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Hello, I recently bought this lovely footed glass bowl that has what I think are kookaburras as handles.The bowl stands at 5 1/2" tall,and 9 1/4" across the top, it is pressed glass and has the moulded makers mark to the underside.
I would appreciate any information about it,particularly the maker,date and possible value. The only other example I have seen was in a purple malachite type glass and looked to be smaller but the same shape etc,there was no information given, just a sold price of £120 !, any other glass I have seen with kookaburras all are in carnival glass.
Thank you very much,Chris
P.S.I paid £2.50 at a local car boot.

Hi Chris, your bowl was made in Yugoslavia by STS Abel, see Pamela's site here: [Link]

Hello,Wayne, thank you very much indeed for your help.
Best wishes,Chris

Definitely not Kookaburras.  Kookas are LARGE kingfishers and this have a straight upper part to the beek.


dirk.:  :)


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