Author Topic: Lucky me... a Vizner 13139 vase for my collection  (Read 2123 times)

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Re: Lucky me... a Vizner 13139 vase for my collection
« Reply #10 on: May 16, 2011, 04:30:56 AM »
Jindrich, thank you for the additional information... it's fascinating.  I also suppose stranger things have been seen in glass.

So how many 13139 vases have you got?  I think the rest of the world has a hard time finding any because you (and px) probably have most of them...  ;D

Dirk, my amber one isn't in 100% perfect condition either...  there is a small knick near the top edge, a long but slim air bubble in the fold, a 5mm fault going horizontally through the body, and a few chips to the base.  But nothing which is terribly disappointing.  When I saw it from a distance at the market yesterday, I couldn't contain my excitement.  It was placed right beside the Brabec vase I posted in another thread.  I don't have a poker face, so I just paid what the seller (a young Slovak) was asking -- 25 PLN (about 6 Euro) per piece.  I came home feeling like a hero.   :D
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