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Waterstaining on an early Vizner vase for Sklo Union

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--- Quote from: "Max" ---We have exactly the same problem here Leni, but we don't have a tumble-up.  :(  
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I got a nice hand-painted one very cheap on ebay :lol:

--- Quote --- I'm sure we've shared our water with them before now.  Ewww!  Or is that Mewwwww!   :roll:  IGMC
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I'm sure I've drunk 'catted' water before now, but the final straw was when Pashmina got her big fat head stuck in the glass (it was one of Adam A's lovely heavy 'bubbled' glasses) and knocked the whole lot over!   :evil: :roll:

Well I just bought some photo lights from a seller on the Dutch Markplaats. Very enthusiastic and quick to answer mails.

The items arrived but were completely different from those shown in the photo and no stands... as in the photo. Contact seller, not a sound...

No purchase protection, no feed back mechanism. Stuffed. My only hope now is selling on eBay for more than I paid.

Thanks for your feed-back on this.

Every cloud so they say has a silver lining. In this case, closer examination shows a number of interesting issues.

It is an early Vizner vase for Sklo Union, and is shown in the Warmus book on Vizner. Yet, when looked at very closely:

The quality of the mould is mediocre, with quite clear surface pitting in the mould's exterior surfaces. There are really quite pronounced mould lines.
There are a number of large pressing flaws.

This is not the first piece like this.

I was recently sent two variants of another Sklo Union vase, ostensibly matching an earlier acquisition (Thanks, Peter).

These are hand-pressed, and though not yet with an id of the designer, there are wide variations between the three. Two are topaz, of different shades. Both exhibit a round shouldered plunger, yet the blue vase, same pattern has a much different plunger shape? or is that merely caused by post-pressing finishing? Heights differ by upto 1cm and widths are varied.
(I shall be posting more images to the Sklo Union thread as soon as I am able)

They are very rewarding, and show just how difficult getting things right, from the gather onwards, is, even for highly skilled workers.

Today, I am not so upset. :lol:




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