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The Studio Year Book 46 - Riihimaki, Ekenas, Holmegaard, etc

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I bought a few glass books recently including 'Studio Year Book - Decorative Art - 1956-7 volume 46' which has 12 pages of glass.

Basically it is always good to get a reliable 'of the period' source for glass identification.

So I am listing the twelve pages

These Studio volumes are good as they take a look back at that years collectable / desirable glass (also pottery, silver, furniture) - they are a point in time, framing what really was polular in art & household glass at the time, despite what later books say.


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Notice Importers J Wuidart & Co. Ltd - see page page 104 - three pieces designed by R Stennett-Willson for J Wuidart & Co. Ltd - does not mention manufacturer - of any interest?

This is beautiful and I think quite rare

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Adam P

Have looked on the net and the 'Studio Year Book' do run from the 1900s to 1970s and are freely available.

Thing is they start at just under £50.00 and go up to £90.00 (one person wants £250.00!!) - a good collection would cost thousands, my book cost £10.00  :shock:  :shock:

I will need to start rummaging in those old Glasgow bookshops

book site

Adam P

no need to spend thousands. The "Decorative Art" series by Charlotte and Peter Fiell in Taschen (50s, 60s, 70s etc)  contain all the essential information from the Decorative Art yearbooks and you can probably pick up copies in any remaindered & publisher surplus book store.

Hi Ivo

I have seen these and passed them over as they don't contain that much glass

At 120 to 200 (up) pages for each original volume, I think they had to codify - mine has 12 pages on glass, I think some had more - a run of 50s would contain maybe 150 pages on glass - there is no where like that amount in the Taschen 50s series you mention - it has lost of thermos and vacuum cleaners

Same goes for 60s and 70s

Thanks for the suggestion - I agree on 'the not spending thousands bit' oh yes

I also wanted this thread to contain scans from other year books (from magazines) Art Magazine, Magazine of Decorative Art, etc.

Adam P

Taschen 50s and 60s both have around 70 pages of glass and an additional section on lighting; the 70s book has a lot less.


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