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Another 'S' mark for identification - ID = John Stonier & Co. of Liverpool


Paul S.:
In view of the similarity of these deep mitre cuts with a recent piece of known Stuart, I thought there was a good chance that this might be the same source - even though this doesn't carry a full back stamp - so that is why it's posted here.   The only mark is on the underside, and is an upper case S (which looks almost like a figure 2).    This S is quite different from the Webb Corbett 'S' (used to indicate approximate date of manufacture) - which we've discussed before  -  neither is it like the  =S= (also discussed before, and which from memory indicates maritime use).     So a bit confused, and wondering if this may indeed be an abbreviation for Stuart.    Very deep mitres around the edges and likewise on the star cut base, which reminded me very much of the earlier dish.   Diameter is something like 10.5" - 265mm, and with considerable wear, so guess quite likely pre 1940 ish.     What do people think of this 'S' -  and thanks for looking :)      

See here,6156.0.html

Paul S.:
thank you     Yes, I did remember this thread, although thought, from memory, that the S had to be over a Plimsoll Line to qualify for the maritime connection -  I do in fact have a sherry glass, sporting this double line.      So, conclusion is that almost certainly a Stuart manufactured piece, and possibly the later more angular S with hints of corners.      Given another 50 years, I might just acquire the full service.  

P.S.   having trouble with my PC currently, and see that I have added this comment to the original thread, by mistake.    Grateful if the mods. will remove please :pb: [Mod: removed from other thread as requested]

Paul S.:
my sincere thanks to all, and to Bernard especially, of course.     May I be picky and suggest that the main thread listing might possibly be more encompassing if shown as Stuart/Stonier.....unless of course you feel that there is an outstide chance that material was sourced from someone other than Stuart  -  it might help in future searches.     Just a suggestion :)

According to their account books of 1929, Molineaux & Webb's biggest customer was Stonier & Co.

I went through the account books the other year - data can be found here:


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