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Jobling opalescent fircone pattern bowl reg no 777133


Hi all
just a show and tell really
picked this beautiful bowl up today and thought i would share, its not rare/scarce or highly sought after but i thought it very pretty.
Registered 29 sept 1932, fircone pattern, pattern 5000.
22cm in diameter, 9cm tall
5 pictures in link
michelle  :sun:

Paul S.:
beautiful piece Michelle  -  I'm very jealous :mrgreen: - a great find.    Was it a charity shop discovery?.

Paul i was just reading your post with the Uranium fircone vase funnily enough.
No this was from a lady i know who has a "junk shop/yard" in her back garden (its a big back garden with about 5 mobile homes plus outbuildings crambed full) she sells everything and anything, from kids toys, bikes, car parts, glass, pottery clothing... wonderful place, The address is a secret i shall take to the grave :wsh:.
Bless her she is a proper old fashion dealer and keeps her money in her bra which always makes me chuckle. Ive known her for a good few years and she sells most things quite high but she doesnt like glass and just sells it cheap to get rid of it.
Often she has junk but occasionally theres diamonds in them there hills
I keep meaning to add some pictures of glass trinket sets that she has for Anne.


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