Author Topic: Georgian repro. bowl from E. & L. Crystal.  (Read 191 times)

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Georgian repro. bowl from E. & L. Crystal.
« on: August 11, 2013, 06:22:54 PM »
some time earlier this year I commented.................."We mustn't forget that most of the big C20 factories produced copies of ealier patterns/designs, prior to 1940 ish - W/Fs, Richardsons, E. & L. and Walsh amongst them - and it was the Georgian fashion they seemed mostly to copy." ........................"Unfortunately, I've never knowlingly seen such 'reproduction' piece from any of those factories, but had assumed that the colour would be brighter than an original."

Today I found the attached piece from E. & L. Crystal, and there's no doubt as to which period their inspiration came from for this bowl......and can say that the colour, at least on this piece, is a lot brighter than a period item.               
I've had a quick trawl through some of the books, but E & L Crystal usually get quite minimalist coverage compared to Stuart/Webb/Webb Corbett  -  so I'd suggest it's unlikely to be shown anywhere that's easily accessible.                 Bowl is about 9.5" in diameter and almost 7" tall.............very heavy as you'd imagine -  and with eight large flat cut flutes on a pedestal support.
I'm posting mostly just out of possible interest, but do have the usual uncertainty as to the period of use of the backstamp - Roger Dodsworth in 'British Glass Between The Wars' shows similar marks (incorporating the word 'Crystal') and comments that these were "introduced c. 1927 and used during the 1930s".

So this bowl might be late 1920's and on into the '30's - which would tie in with other documented reproduction tableware from other large factories.           Reproduction seems to have been popular during that period.
I've not seen this thing before, so possibly a limited run at the time of manufacture.

If anyone has any comments re the period of use of this backstamp, would be interested to hear, and thanks for looking.  :)



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