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Is this a Perthshirepwt or a John Deacons pwt? ID = JD


Because of the centre cane I have always assumed this to be a John Deacons weight - but the more I look at it the more I am convinceg it is probably a Perthshire weight.  There is no cane or (l)abel on the underside..

Can one of the more expert putme staright and give me an approximate date of manufacture, please.


Roger H:
   Looks JD to me, putting a date on it would be difficult. Perhaps 1990s.
   This is similar but perthshire,1984/1997.           Regards Roger.

Perhaps it is only JD weights that use different colour canes around the thistle? If so, then that will be a way to know if they are JD or Perthshire Paperweights. Perhaps somebody esle can confirm if that is true.

But here is one, much the same, with a John Deacons label to the base:

ahremck , you weight is a JD piece that cane was used after 1997 and  i think still in use

Thanks to all.  I became suspicious that it might not be John Deacons work because I read the thistle cane had been used in Perthshire Pwts as well.



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