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Coronation 1953 Vase

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Bagley Glass 3rd revised edition (Bowey, Parsons & Parson) shows the Festival of Britain Vase on p80. I think I've also seen it uncommeratised.

I have the Festival of Britain one in front of me now and it has celery marked about one cm down from the top, it also has  four letters on the base near the edge hard to read but my guess is REGD but no numbers that i can see .  I dont usually do pressed glass cant think where or when i got it . jp

nigel benson:

Ok, so I'm going to take this step by step..........does it say who retailed them, or were they on general release? By now you'll realise I have a particular interest ;)


So is this Bagley - the whole mould is the smae as Festival of Britian - no celery to back though

You'll need to speak to Angela; there is little information beyond a picture of the FoB celery and a mention of several items for the 1953 Coronation, including a flint plate and a butter pat. The FoB celery and the coronation vase appear to be from the same basic mould IMHO.


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