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George Davidson Reg. 802751
« on: November 19, 2013, 08:09:39 PM »
first time I recall seeing this smallish beer can - doubtless not rare, but if anyone want's to use the image they're welcome  -  it has the beer barrel on both sides, and was produced in three sizes.....half pint, pint and 12 fl. ozs.             First Registered on 13th May 1935.

This is the item that, apparently, influenced Davidson to start registering their Australian sales  -  it seems this design was copied by the Japanese, and sold by them in Australia undercutting Davidson's price.              Davidson commenced the double Registration No. system, for Augstralia, from 1938.
Sorry the second pic is not overly clear.

Ref. 'Davidson Glass - A History'  Chris & Val Stewart  - 2005  -  (regrettably out of print for some time I understand).


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