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Holmegaard or Polish items?

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This could be polish rather than Holmegaard. The colour matches my Holmegaard canister. The jug is 7 inches high and weighs 910 grams.  The glasses are 3.5 inches high and they weigh 200 grams each. Lots of ware to the base of the glasses.

This is probably not Holmegaard but the shape is similar, though my bowl is a bit flatter. 14 inches in length and it weighs an impressive 1860 grams. Some ware to the base. It's dark blue in the middle and gradually turns into a turquoise colour towards the rim.

I'm just checking to see if this really is a genuine Holmegaard flower holder with an MB (Michael Bang) monogram. Also, if it is, how old might it be and what sizes did they come in? This one is 7 inches high. Thanks

Many Thanks.  :)

Hi Tigger,

Here is your green vase with the original Holmegaard sticker;
Will keep surfing for the others.

P.S. It is known as a "Hulvas" or "Hulvaser" (not sure if the second one is the plural of...)and was made in at least 3 sizes; 7.3 + 10.6 +13.4 cm

Thanks a lot Deltab. Interesting, it seems as though they're made in clear glass as well. I wonder if they made them in other colours too.  :D

I love this board.  :D

I don't think the jug matches the glasses which are factory produced by Durobor, Belgium in the 70s and 80s.
the blue dish looks uneven and a bit shoddy, so I think it is Romanian or Chinese.
And the dark green flower holder, as you found out, is indeed Holmegaard.


--- Quote from: "Deltab" ---
P.S. It is known as a "Hulvas" or "Hulvaser" (not sure if the second one is the plural of...)and was made in at least 3 sizes; 7.3 + 10.6 +13.4 cm
--- End quote ---

There was also a version that you could hang from your ceiling, as well as one that was adapted into a lamp. They were released in clear, green and brown glass. Oh, and they were designed by Michael Bang. :)

Your lemonade set isn't Holmegaard, though.  :(  If you hold the tumblers up to the light, do you get a slight purple tinge to the base? It's not a means of identifying them - I was just wondering if the colour was a smokey amethyst or smokey brown (a la your 1930's Holmegaard) - because the two can look quite similar side-by-side.


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