Author Topic: Canada Salutes Italian Glassmakers -- With Silver $20 Silver Coin with Glass  (Read 757 times)

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I just thought I would pass this on to everyone -- and maybe they can find one on Ebay to *add* a little something to your Glass Collection.  It is a $20 Canadian Silver Coin with a Venetian Glass Lady Bug on it.  Please see HERE

I am still looking for one as mintage was only 5000 and they are *sold out*  --  but thought I would pass this info on to you....and Maybe you would like one too, or can find one

Thanks.  Let me know if anyone scores one !!  :kissy:

                   :thup: ** (and I hope TxSilver does.....Glass and Silver what a combo.  So TxSilver you need to get one!! )         Perfect Combo 4U
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