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Given that my paperweight knowledge is on par with that of a dead duck, hoping for some help here. At a fair today, I was persuaded to take these 2 p/w's in part exchange for some jewellery, but I don't know if they're decent or not.
The first is a Strathearn weight and carries a label from 1971, I presume a year and not a model number. Shaped like a flower with 6 petals and stamens inside. Measure about 2.5" high and the same across.

The second I find more interesting as I think it may be Murano. It appears to be an old weight with a lot of wear to the base and when viewed from the top internal "ripples" within the glass. The bed is made up of copper with lots of controlled bubbles. Interesting, well to me anyway, underneath it has a full ground out pontil and a number of pin prick sized holes in a semi-circle. Quite a big weight 3.5" high and 2.5" across.

So do I have a couple of bum steers or has my attempts to absorb some knowledge from this site finally worked. All comments, and help welcomed.

yep strathearn the 1st one, it was called the Orchid made from 1969 to 1971

the  murano one could be any maker

In my VERY limited experience though I've never seen a base like the Murano one before. What might be the purpose of the holes, and are fully ground pontils common in P/W's.

the hole's have no purpose it's just where the base was ground half way through the bubbles, most murano base are ground and polished flat

For a gentle intro to Strathearns own style weights then head over to Richard's site for the full Monty


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